Code of ethics

The Code of ethics consists of a series of minimum rules to be included an integral of the codes as some professions (health, law, etc.) imposed on their members. Without prejudice to the need to comply with the letter and the spirit of the law, associate members will also need to subscribe to the letter and the spirit of the Code of ethics. The core values of the profession on which is based the Code of ethics, diversity, tolerance, humility, integrity and openness, are drawn from the universal declaration of the human rights, the Charter of the United Nations, the Statute of the International Court of justice, the convention of New York and the code of ethics of the international experts. Associate members of the order of the international experts will ensure ensure minimum respect for these rules.

The expert accepts jobs for which he has a level of competence and knowledge based on experience and training. The expert is to give an opinion on the basis of justifications detailed in its field of competence.

The expert will demonstrate, in all circumstances, of the highest integrity, independence, fairness and diligence in the professional work he undertakes. The expert should at no time lend itself to a some arrangement and give in to pressure that could impair his judgment. The expert shall take no action that would discredit the international expert status.

If the expert has an interest or a professional relationship in relation to the purpose of its work, it must inform the customer at the beginning of the project and should not enter into an arrangement which would affect the objectivity of the advice given to the customer.

The expert shall not disclose or not to allow the disclosure of confidential information about the activity and personnel of the customer.

The expert and the client agree on contract terms, including the methods of calculation of the fees to be paid.

Order and its associate members will ensure this Code all publicity to educate the public and their customers.